Anti-Import Advertisement

A kind reader (Thank you, Paul!) scanned and e-mailed me the following anti-import advertisement. I was so disgusted with the ad that I wanted to post it in full size with my comments added in red pen. Unfortunately, space limitations would not allow that so I decided to use Macromedia Flash. If you place your cursor over any text in the ad, it will tell you what the ad said, what the ad should have said (in my opinion) and comments from the editor (yours truly).

Note: The image below is 116K so it may take a few seconds to download. Viewing it requires the Macromedia Flash plugin (Version 5 or higher). If you do not see the image (or if it is not working properly) please download the latest Flash Player.

Note: The name of the drug company responsible for this ad and the names of the drugs ordered by the FDA were removed.

Originally Posted September 06, 2004.